New Guidelines For Traveling Seniors

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

With the weather warming in the north, many snowbirds will be returning home and when the do, they may find flying the friendly skies a tad easier.  Last month the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began testing a new screening policy for seniors 75 and older.

The new regulations have been introduced in an effort to reduce wait times in airport security lines.  These changes follow the new rules that were set earlier this year for lighter screening for children under 12.  The policy will allow elderly travelers to keep on their shoes and light jackets and avoid pat downs from security agents.

“By moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to security and applying some intelligence-driven and risk-based security models, TSA is looking at how this works for passengers,” said Jim Fotenos, TSA spokesman.

The new security rules echo much of the public’s opinion that strict screening for children and the elderly lacked common sense.  There have also been several instances where the TSA has come under scrutiny for excessive searches involving children and elderly persons.

Only some airports will be allowed to utilize the new screening policies.  They include Chicago’s O’Hare International, Denver International, Orlando International and Portland International, because they have a higher percentage of people over 75 traveling through their airports.

“The TSA recognizes that the vast majority of air travelers present no risk to aviation security,” Fotenos said.  “But it’s how we identify those (travelers) and expedite the process that we’re working on right now.”

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